Sol Lewitt Studio Still Lives: 2010-2012

Sol LeWitt Studio Still Lifes: 2010-2012

20” x 20” Archival Inkjet Prints

During the summer of 2010 I had the opportunity to live and work in Sol LeWitt’s studio in Spoleto. This was LeWitt’s primary work space while he was in Italy and it had been left largely untouched since he died in 2007- his books on the shelves, art supplies in the work space and the walls filled with his own work along with some of his personal art collection. Most notably, for me, was a wall in the apartment area that was covered with a group of nine Morandi etchings that often became the focus of my gaze throughout the day. Morandi’s work has been an important touchstone in my ongoing research into traditional still life painting since I am drawn to his compelling use of light, shadow and familiar household objects.

During the time I was at the LeWitt studio I made a series of  still lifes in five different parts of the space: the entryway, library, studio workspace, upstairs dinning table and a downstairs table. For each one I purchased fruit and vegetables from the local vendors, set up arrangements and photographed each over several days to take advantage of the available light at various times.

Once I was back home and working on the prints I came to realize I was completely inspired by the Morandi etchings as well as being in the LeWitt space since each of my still lifes included a collection of bottles I’d saved from my daily consumption of water, wine, milk, etc. Now that I’ve had the chance to look closely at what I produced during that time in Spoleto I see the pictures as a kind of conversation across time between me and LeWitt and Morandi.