Selected Reviews & Essays


Selected Reviews & Essays


             Stephen Berens & Elizabeth Bryant, review by M. L.  Schumacher, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Art City News,                             Milwaukee, WI.


           “(Not So) Still Life”, exhibition essay by curator Jennifer McGregor, Glyndor Gallery, Wave Hill,

              Bronx, New York.    

            “New Perspectives on the Natural”,  exhibition essay by curator Constance Mallison, Williamson Gallery, ArtCenter

             College of Design, Pasadena, CA.     


“Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road: Original Jokes About the Suburban and the Poor Farm by the Artists Who Have Exhibited Here”, Poor Farm Press, Chicago.
LeWitt Studio Still Lifes“, Carl Solway Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Local Gallery Exhibit Channels Sol LeWitt”, feature by Jackie Demaline, Cincinnati Enquirer, September 7, 2012.
AEQUAI, LeWitt Studio Still Lifes Online Review by Karen S. Chambers
Facing West/Looking East”, exhibition brochure with essay by curator Richard Turner, Oceanside Museum of Art,   Oceanside, CA.


 “UrbanNature”, Online exhibition essay with statements by Constance Mallison, LA Times Quotidian


CAN I COME OVER TO YOUR HOUSE: The First Ten Years of The Suburban, published by The Suburban Gallery, Chicago.


Elizabeth Bryant” review by Constance Mallinson, Art in America, October, No.9.
“Truthiness: Photography as Sculpture”, Exhibition Catalog Essay by Tyler Stallings Curator, UCR/California Museum of Photography.
Elizabeth Bryant at SolwayJones“, Review by Josef Woodard, Artweek, June, vol. 39, issue 5
“Elizabeth Bryant at SolwayJones”, Review by Eve Wood, artillery, May/June, vol. 2, issue 5
“Makers and Modelers: Works in Ceramic”, article by Michelle Grabner, X-Tra, Vol. 10,,No. 3


“Elizabeth Bryant and Rebecca Niederlander at SolwayJones”, review by Peter Frank, Artweek.


West Coast Reviews: Elizabeth Bryant“, review by Jody Zellen, Art Papers Magazine, Atlanta, GA.
“Elizabeth Bryant at SolwayJones”, review by Eve Wood, Artweek.


“Post-Landscape”, Exhibition Catalog Essay by Rebecca McGrew, Curator, Pomona College Museum of Art.
Elizabeth Bryant“, Review by Kristina Newhouse, New Art Examiner, Chicago.
“Homage to Pasadena”, review , Art on Paper, New York.


“Elizabeth Bryant at works on paper, inc.”, Review by Charlene Roth, Artweek.
“Art Picks of the Week”, Peter Frank, Los Angeles Weekly.
“East of Eden: Profane Gardens”, Exhibition Essay by Amy Gerstler, X-Tra, Vol. 2, Issue 2., Los Angeles.
“Far Horizons”, Review by Cathy Curtis, Los Angeles Times
“Pasadena Adjacent”, Artist Portfolio for Project X.


“Photo Poche Photogrammes”, thematic book organized by Robert Delpire, Centre National de la Photograhpie, with preface by Floris M. Neussus, Nathan Publishers, Paris.


Irony Found in Dismembered Landscapes“, review by Susan Kandel, Los Angeles Times.
“The Truth Behind Artificial Nature; Elizabeth Bryant’s Third Nature Show”, Review by Ken Takahashi, BT, August 1997, Vol. 745, Tokyo, Japan.
“Notions of the Nineteenth Century”, exhibition catalog with essay by Meg Linton, Huntington Beach Art Center.
“Finding Renewal in a Bygone Era”, Review by Daniella Walsh, Orange County Register, CA.
“Parallaxis: Fifty-five Points of View”, Catalog featuring work of WESTAF Fellowship Recipients for 1995 and 1996.
“Re-Designing Eden”, visual art project for Crania: A Literary/Art Journal, Issue 1, January.


“Paper or Plastic, On the Productivity of Absence”, exhibition essay by Dave Bailey for the Guggenheim Gallery, Chapman University.
“Filling the Absence “, review by Cathy Curtis, Los Angeles Times.
“Phantasmic Photography: Marking Space for the Unconscious State of Wonder”, essay by Sue Spaid, Photo L.A.


“Dreams & Nightmares: Contemporary Los Angeles Landscape Artists”, article by Michael Darling, Artweek, June.
“Program for Paradise”, Artist’s Catalog for Project X at the Remsen Bird Hillside Theatre, Los Angeles.


“Expermental Vision: The Evolution of the Photogram Since 1919”, Exhibition Catalog, Essay by Charles Hagen, Denver Art Museum.
“REAL LIFE Magazine”, No. 23, Autumn 1994, CalArts Press, Valencia, CA.
“Transtextualism: Works to Read, See, Feel”, review by David Pagel, Los Angeles Times.
“Photo Construct Exhibit Stretches Latitude of Film”, review by Helen Cullinan, The Cleveland Plain Dealer.
“When X + Y Equals More Than Z”, review by Frank Green, Cleveland Free Times.


“Addressing the Idea of Home”, review by Cathy Curtis, Los Angeles Times.
“Art is Suitably Incorporated”, review by Peter Frank, Orange County Register, Long Beach, CA.
“Family Values”, review by Kay Whitney, Artweek.
“FAR Baazar at the Old Federal Reserve Bank Building, Los Angeles”, review by Peter Kosenko, Artweek.
“Art Pick of the Week: FAR Bazzar”, by Peter Frank, LA Weekly, Los Angeles.


“Summer Lightning Dreadnought Seaman’s Hospital”, review by Ami Barak, Art Press International Edition, Paris, France.
“RetroActive: Recent Work by Department of Art Photography Graduate Alumni, 1963-1992”, exhibition catalog with essay by Alison Nordstrom, University of Florida, Gainesville.
“Summer Lightning II: The One Nine Special”, Art Pick of the Week by Peter Frank, LA Weekly.
“One Nine Special Makes Whistle Stop at Union Station”, article by Suzanne Muchnic, Los Angeles Times.
“Talking About Art”, Interview by Molly Barnes, KPFK Radio.
Installation Art: Summer Lightning“, review by Lynn MacRitchie, London Financial Times.
“From Bed to Nurse” review by Sara Kent, Time Out Magazine, London, England.
“Art Kaleidoscope” review and discussion by London critics, BBC Radio.


“Picture Plane to Object”, exhibition brochure with essay by Darryl Curran, Brea Civic & Cultural Center, Brea, CA.
“Photo Exhibit Has Some Negatives”, review by Cathy Curtis, Los Angeles Times.
“Objects on a Picture Plane”, review by Barbara A. Williams, Daily Star Progress. Brea, CA.
“Southern California Portfolio 1991”, edited by Graham Howe and Pilar Perez, Framework/Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies.
“Art Notes: Public Art”, report by Shauna Snow, Los Angeles Times Calendar.


Biennial I Launches a Tradition“, review by Suzanne Muchnic, Los Angeles Times.
“Seductive Deceptions”, exhibition catalog by Wallace Wilson, University of Florida, Gainesville.
“Muni Gallery’s ‘Focus’ Lacks Coherence”, review by Kristine McKenna, Los Angeles Times.


“The Photography of Invention: American Pictures of the 1980’s”, exhibition catalog, essay by Joshua Smith, introduction by Merry Foresta, National Museum of American Art, Washington, D.C.
“To Be Young, Gifted and Angeleno”, by Peter Frank, Visions, Vol. 3, Summer.
“Photography in L.A.: The Emerging Image”, by Garrett White, Michael Lassell and Marilyn Babcock, L.A. Style, June.
“California Biennial I”, exhibition catalog, California Museum of Photography, Riverside.


“Diversity and Congruity”, review by Brian Butler, Artweek, September.
“Seeking Alchemic Change”, review by Margaret Lazzari, Artweek.
“One of a Kind”, review by Cathy Curtis, Los Angeles Times, February.


Photography Issue, Magazine Main, October.
“Looking Glass Reflects Art’s New Identity”, review by Christopher Knight, Los Angeles Herald Examiner, July.


LACE Annuale, review by Constance Mallison, LA Weekly, September.


“From History to Action”, exhibition catalog by Lucy Lippard, The Woman’s Building, Los Angeles.