Garden Spot

Garden Spot, 1994

Astro-turf, chain link gate & photo plaque, 20 x 20 ft.

Garden Spot called attention to present relationships between representations of culture and nature through the use of the ground plan for the historic gardens at Fontainebleau.  The garden plan for this classic French garden was utilized as a manifestation of the spirit of a particular culture at a particular time.  It was rendered in the contemporary materials of astro-turf and chain-link and placed outdoors in conjunction with a contemporary Los Angeles gallery site, thereby transferring the original meaning into a new context.

The chain-link gate used at the entrance of Garden Spot signaled the visitor’s transition from one environment to another.  The generic design and material of the gate along with the plaque displaying an image of the gardens at Fontainebleau mounted on it were elements that served as additional markers of association.  This resulting hybrid of forms and references presented a consideration of art, culture, place and time.